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Why does Ticketmaster app not work?

But the most common problem is Ticketmaster App is not opening. Wait for some time because the app may be in maintenance mode. May be the server is down, so wait for some time. Check Your Internet Connection.

How long should I wait on Ticketmaster?

Join the Waiting Room at least 10 minutes prior to the event going on sale. When the sale begins, the Queue will open and you’ll be given a place in line.

Why does Ticketmaster say oops something went wrong?

This error is caused by an interruption to the transaction process. During the ticket buying process, our computer or your computer lost access to our ticketing systems. Please resubmit your ticket request and try again.

Can you get scammed through Ticketmaster?

If you suspect fraud on your Ticketmaster or Live Nation account, contact us. The only way to know your tickets are the real deal is to buy Ticketmaster Verified Tickets directly from Ticketmaster or Live Nation, or get them at the venue box office.

How do I contact Ticketmaster by phone?

+1 800-653-8000.

Why can I not log into my Ticketmaster account?

If you’re having issues signing into your Ticketmaster account, the first step would be to reset your password. Just click the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the sign in page and follow the instructions. From there, we’ll email you a new password with directions on what to do next.

Is Ticketmaster waiting room random?

When ticket sales start, the temporary queue is refreshed and everyone who is in queue is assigned a random place. Then the final queue starts for buying tickets. In other words, it does not make sense to wait for our site already hours in advance. You are welcome, but it does not guarantee you a spot in the front row.

Why does Ticketmaster think im a bot?

Sorry, you’ve been temporarily blocked from buying tickets because you may have refreshed your browser too frequently. When that happens our system thinks it’s a bot, an evil automated program trying to scoop up tickets. And we automatically block bots.

Which is better Ticketmaster app or website?

The mobile app is your friend It’s free, fast, and, more efficient than the traditional webpage. That said, Slingland notes that Ticketmaster has recently upped security measures on mobile, so you’ll have to deal with a image human-verification test to prove you’re not a bot.

Why am I getting an error code on Ticketmaster?

That’s because Ticketmaster error code 0001 will usually emerge when there’s a discrepancy in the seating allocation. This means it’ll crop up when you’re trying to order more tickets than are available in a certain sector or location.

Can you trust Ticketmaster?

We can’t verify tickets bought from a 3rd party. The only way to know your tickets are authentic, is to buy Ticketmaster “Verified Tickets” directly from Ticketmaster or Live Nation, or get them at the venue box office. These tickets will always be 100% authentic.

How do you know if tickets are fake?

Check the tickets and don’t share online If you’re worried that the tickets you’ve purchased are fake, an easy way to check is to call the box office and ask them to verify. You can do this as soon as you have the tickets in hand or online.

Does Ticketmaster sell fake tickets?

When it comes to buying resale tickets off of secondary ticketing websites, rest assured that all Tickets on Ticketmaster’s resale platforms are authentic.

How do I contact Ticketmaster for a refund?

How do I contact Customer Service? Find your order (the one you need to contact us about), either in the Upcoming or Past Event tabs, then click “See Details” Click “Contact Us” at the bottom right of the Event Details page and click Email Us.

How do I call Ticketmaster Australia?

Yes, we have accessible seating and companions available online or alternatively please contact the Box Office on (03) 9299 9800.

How do I contact Live Nation by phone?

+1 800-653-8000.

How do I recover my Ticketmaster account?

Unable to sign into My Account Visit the Sign In Page. Select “Forgot Password”. Type in your email address and select next. You will receive an email (or text if you selected the phone option) with a 6 digit verification code. Enter that code and select confirm. Reset your password following the requirements.

How do I complain to Ticketmaster?

Telephone & live chat – Ticketmaster offers phone support to speak to a customer service representative. The service is available throughout the week. They are available at 1-800-653-8000, 1-800-745-3000 (sales) and express contact at 1-866-448-7849.

How do I get into my Ticketmaster account?

You can access My Profile from the profile section of Account Manager or by signing into ticketmaster.com.

How many BTS tickets can you buy?

Up to 2 tickets are available per account including those purchased during the presale. LIVE PLAY SOUNDCHECK PACKAGE that includes a ticket for watching the soundcheck live broadcast and a chance to participate in the BTS Photo Studio will be available for this event.

How do virtual waiting rooms work?

A virtual waiting room (aka mobile waiting room, zero-contact waiting room, or curbside check-in) is a service that allows patients to check in using their mobile phone and notifies them through a direct text message when it is their turn to be seen by the doctor.

How do you beat an online ticket queue?

How to Score Tickets to In-Demand Events Know when tickets are going on sale and make sure your clock is set to the correct time. Connect to private wi-fi. Use more than one device. Sign in ahead of time. Use Firefox. Don’t open more than one browser window. Use a CAPTCHA blocker.

What does Error Code 0011 mean on Ticketmaster?

The Error Code 0011 occurs when users attempt to purchase tickets via Ticketmaster. Corrupted cookies – As it turns out if you end up refreshing the page during the checkout procedure, Ticketmaster may have just enforced security protection that will prevent abuse by planting a cookie.

Why does the Internet think I’m a robot?

The characters or images you see are called a CAPTCHA; an acronym for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. They are designed to help someone prove they are not an automated program searching through Google.

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