Does He Love, Like Or Hate Me? Quiz (2023)

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Does He Love, Like Or Hate Me? Quiz (2)Does He Love, Like Or Hate Me? Quiz (3)Does He Love, Like Or Hate Me? Quiz (4)Does He Love, Like Or Hate Me? Quiz (5)Does He Love, Like Or Hate Me? Quiz (6)Does He Love, Like Or Hate Me? Quiz (7)

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Many of us girls have wondered what emotions certain people (usually boys!) have felt about us. If you ever find yourself wondering, "Does my crush hate me?" this test is gonna clear things right up for you! P.S.: I really hope he doesn't HATE you. Unless you want him to, of course.:-)

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ugh (30301)

208 days ago

I don't know if he likes or hates me or if I even like him. Also, I just want to say I'm really bad with emotions like REALLY bad. To the point where I can't differentiate between platonic and romantic feelings.

So we used to go to Preschool together and weren't really friends. I then met him again a few months ago through a mutual friend and we hung out in a group of 4, mind you we're both 16 so it's not like we have hectic schedules and MADE time for each other, the group consisted of him, me, our mutual friend and a friend of mine.
We talk a bit from time to time and there have been two times, as far as I recall, that he has somewhat flirted with me, I didn't flirt back but instead chuckled ig. Now I have no clue if I actually even like him or if I want to be friends with him. I feel like he doesn't particularly like me that much, when we talk I just feel like I'm making a fool of myself and I look stupid in front of him. (He's not popular at all and most people think he's weird so it's not because of that)

Now at this point, I'm already confused but it gets even more confusing.

I'm bisexual and so is he and we both have a preference for men. It seems that at least two of our mutual friends have a crush on me (which multiple people have told me about) and I feel like that might've impacted any sort of feeling he might or might not have for me since they've been friends for a while.
In the classes, we have together he mostly sits next to his best friend which isn't a big deal but I have noticed them being very touchy, not necessarily flirting but still interacting a LOT. I feel as though he has a crush on his best friend.

Now if anyone read this far you can imagine my situation to an extent and maybe understand my dilemma. I have no clue how to go about this but I feel like I'm stuck in a giant Love qadar or something.

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mutual friends > me >? him >? his best friend

if that makes it better to understand. I'm so confused and I feel like whatever THIS mess is it's only spawning negative emotions in me and I have no clue how to go about this.

Help. Do I like him? Does he like me? Is he even attracted to women? Or does he hate me and I've been misreading the signs? If anyone bothers to read this whole thing please help me.

Idk (60977)

385 days ago

Mallory I think he might like you but theres a chance he hasnt gotten over his ex and so hes basically either going to get over it and become closer or continue to be hot and cold. He doesnt deserve the amount youre thinking about him if he doesnt care enough to act like youre special. You can wait for some time, but if it just stays the same, move on. It means hes not worth it.
Hope me likes you!

hickey (43553)

387 days ago

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiii

dick (44743)

415 days ago


Mallory (20549)

455 days ago

There's this boy I used to be close with when he had a girlfriend, but now he's single he's acting hot and cold. When we talk, he's genuinely interested and he even remembers details about me (though he forgot my last name) but it's mostly me who starts the convo. We stare at each other sometimes, but I also see him hanging out with this other girl (the most annoying little 🕊 ever). I'm friends with his best friend so I've got an excuse to hang out with them, but idk, sometimes I fear he thinks I'm a creep and sometimes he's trying to impress me and make me laugh. Idk guys, opinions?
Oh and ABBY- that's not what a 3some means.

dawson (50205)

(Video) 10 Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Love You (Even If You Think They Do)

471 days ago

omg hi guys these colors r sooooo cooooool yayyyy

abby (50205)

471 days ago

yeah i cant believe this this is the worst news of my life i cant believe he only wants 2 be friends wow im so sad im gonna cry myself to sleep and then he asked me and my sister to have a 3sum with him and idek wat that means?!?! like does that just mean hang out ???? need advice PLS

Gabrielle (04254)

594 days ago

Oops pasted twise soory but if anyone has advice pls help im bad trouble and bopular and look ate i cant even focuse cause of a boy

Gabrielle (04254)

594 days ago

Im falling apart hes the bad boy and im the popular bad girl everyone likes me and are kind of scared and all the boys say im hot or GORGEOUS but the only person i want to here that from is just not into me
PLS JUST explain ive liked no ive had a huge crush on him for 3 freekin years why me

:( (65251)

679 days ago

its so unfair all boys have crushes on my friends and they get boyfriend without trying i have had a crush for 3 years longer than them and he still dosen't like me. idk what i'm doing wrong

:( (65251)

679 days ago

(Video) HOW MANY PEOPLE HATE YOU? Personality Test Quiz - 1 Million Tests

For 0% you are: Ready for your result? I don't know why you wasted your time, because in my opinion, he clearly LOVES YOU! Your relationship is just a ring and a wedding away! Honestly, how great for you! We'd all love to be you! I hope this result makes you happy! Profile C
D: i knew it no one will ever love me but i'm not ugly i'm just too shy to do anything

Honey (73897)

685 days ago

@Aria you should try just telling him you like him. Guys don't like making the first moves even if you see it in movies. They appreciate a girl who is brave enough to take the next step. Tell him how you feel and then when he inevitably says he likes you too, you can ask about "Emily"

amelia (01499)

688 days ago


Paisley Nicole Brisendine (84042)

710 days ago

This gave me alot to get me think of. HELP MY CRUSH HATES ME

Aria (54783)

721 days ago

Ok,so,there' s this guy i like(i won't say his real name,but we'll call him mike)We're like really close,he says i'm his bestfriend,and he is mine too,soo uhh okki?So,he has a few other girl as friends(NOT GIRLFRIENDS,GIRL AS FRIENDS.he's single btw)And,like,we're friends irl and in a game(oof,it's roblox.follow mehhhh OK.IF U DONT FOLLOW ME I WILL EAT UUUUU jk)So,like,in school we talk all the time,like no kidding,WE LITERALLY GET INTO DETENTION FOR TALKING DURING LESSONS,and we do talk every day on roblox too.And he always kinda teases me like he calls me "roach" (i call him mouse;P)and once,he was like,ur an ugly roach!I was like "IM UGLY!?" he said " ur not...ur beautiful and cute,and amazing,ok.but u still a roach,not to mention,MY roach" I KNOW,HOW HE SAID "My roach" i know i shouldn't be like this typing and tell him,but but but,he has this other friend(we'll call her Emily,her name isn't emily btw)so,she is his friend irl,but when thier both playing a certain game,he like ignored me....(when i text him,i know he won't ignore me if i try to join thr server he and emily in)Like,he never replies,even if he does,he replies a million yrs later,not to mntion,when he's playing with his other friends(in the game)and i text him he replies like A.S.A.P it's just with emily that he ignores me...I dont know...looking on the bright side,he always gives me compliments,and tells me all about his personal life.I dont know his friendship with emily....

Also,pls take all the "I will eat you" as a joke,obv it's a joke;-;

messy typer (04481)

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730 days ago

he likes me 8 thibk hehegr

Marly (21317)

843 days ago

This quiz was super funny! Well done!

Anonymous (36357)

907 days ago

Today my crush looked at me like he was annoyed at the things I was saying. By this day on I'll tag him, in the dodge ball game I'll hit the ball to the not really worst enemy of mine. -_-. I don't want to speak to him or he'll make that face like I'm gonna go to hell. Hey if you reading classmate this. Get off rn because I'll chase you around the school, ya won't like this boi!

???? (05469)

932 days ago

All the love tests I take say the same thing!!!

ummmmsomebody (19226)

1048 days ago

unknown (80044) gurllll I feel like he likes you why else would he be teasing you that much. go get him but stay safe. :)



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